At Summit 2019 in Houston, Acumatica announced it will be introducing a business application capability for Alexa for Business. Acumatica has been working closely with Amazon over a number of years on this project. The new capability between Acumatica and Alexa offer voice command for expense and approval process, inventory control functions and command functions for CRM.

Acumatca Summit 2019 sAcuamtica CEO, Jon Roskill gives keynote address at Acumatica Summit 2019

Acumatica also announced integrations with Microsoft and Google. Acumatica now has a connector for Microsoft Flow, an automation tool. With Acumatica’s ability to connect to Microsoft, employee tasks can be synced across applications, data can be collected more easily across platforms and users can even get notifications. Lastly Acumatica has an integration with a beta program from Google. The new beta program is called Cloud Vision Product Search which is intended to make searching easier.