At Summit, Sage announced the official release of the highly anticipated “Production Management Suite” for Sage 100. The initial launch introduces features that will replace the legacy work order module. Future releases will include feature replacements for MRP and the addition of made to order capabilities. All in all, in this first release phase Production Management offers 70 additional enhancements developed from scratch on the Sage 100 business framework.Sage 100c Production Management

Here are just a few highlights of the Production Management Suite:

  • Dynamic inventory updates inventory in real time
  • Dynamic Labor updates the labor cost / work ticket-order in real time
  • Close and complete a work order (work ticket) simultaneously
  • You no longer have to run a register to release a work order (work ticket)
  • Create New Work Orders from multiple sources
  • Assign Regular Earnings Code and Overtime Earnings Code to Shop Employees
  • Maintain Original and Revised Budgets for Labor, Materials & Other Direct Costs
  • Easily move materials from one step to another step number
  • Use Revision Numbers on Work Order Templates
  • One-click purchase order for outside processing