Team Zeta Acumatica Hackathon 2020 Hank Vandersteop (4th from right) and Kyle Vandersteop (back row 1st from right) share a photo-op with Theta Team members and Ali Jani, Chief Product Officer Acuamtica (3rd from right) for taking second place at Hackathon 2020.

Every year Acumatica begins its annual summit with the Hackathon. Acumatica’s Hackathon brings together the Acumatica development community for a friendly competition. Developers in the community are put into teams and during a 2-day period are presented with the challenge of developing a unique solution for Acumatica on the fly.

This year Nims & Associates longtime development partner, Contou Inc. were a part of “Team Zeta”, which placed second in the Hackathon with their “Generic Forms”. How generic inquiries are used to generate inquiry screens, generic forms follow a similar logic in generating forms dynamically in Acumatica.