Summit 2021 Keynote

This week Acumatica held its first Summit in over a year. After some uncertainty if there would even be a Summit in 2021, Acumatica announced it would hold Summit in Las Vegas in May but was subsequently pushed back to July due to the ongoing global pandemic. 

During the kickoff keynote on Monday, Acumatica announced a couple of exciting features that will be coming in the Fall 2021 R2 release. 

Summit 2021 Keynote JR

                                                                                                                                                       Acumatica CEO John Roskill gives keynote address                                                                                                          

Coming in 2021 R2 Acumatica will have direct integration with Microsoft Teams. Acumatica’s development team has been working in collaboration with developers in the Microsoft Teams division to create the integration. Acumatica is collaborating with Adobe to create tighter integration with Acrobat. Coming in 2021 R2 will be a feature that will allow more flexibility with the use of annotations in Acrobat right inside of Acumatica. The 2021 R2 Beta will be available on August 4th

Acumatica also shared exciting news they received from research industry analysts that places Acumatica at the top of customer satisfaction (G2 Grid). Acumatica ranks as the fastest growing ERP company globally outpacing other competitors in this category by a large margin (IDC).