Early this year, workplaces have lept to a remote workplace practically overnight in response to social distancing guidelines. The demand for video and voice communications have increased exponentially in the shift to remote work. That's shown in Teams Calling users skyrocketing to over 650 million calls in October, 11 fold over March this year! microsoft teams transparent

This move has put IT leaders in the challenging position of setting up online communications within their budget and a short time frame. With this vast increase in use, Microsoft has double-downed on adding several enhancements to Teams Calling by enriching the calling experience, providing business calling needs, and ensure that a portfolio of high-quality devices can use Teams. Calling is one of the most efficient ways to share quick and precise information or feedback.

Microsoft has introduced several ways of enhancing any calling experience:

  • Streamlined Calling Experience in the Calls App.
  • Save call recordings in OneDrive and Sharepoint.
  • CarPlay support.
  • Advanced spam identification.
  • Transfer calls between mobile and desktop.
  • Call merging.
  • Low-data mode.
  • Enhanced reverse number look-up.

You can find out more about the new Microsoft Teams Calling features here.