Good news, Team's users! Microsoft announces that they are adding a long time wished for feature, enabling separate windows for meetings and calls in the collaboration app.Microsoft Teams 9 windows

The Teams app currently restricts users to using a single-window for video and audio calling, but multi-window experiences will be introduced to Teams starting in June. The company said on its Microsoft 365 Roadmap page, "Users will have the ability to pop out meetings and calling into separate windows to help them optimize their workflow."

Travis Adair, principal partner and vice president of Columbia, Mo.-based InfiniTech Consulting, acknowledges that the feature would be a good idea and that Teams has received criticism for lack of such a feature, saying multiple windows "would definitely be a useful feature to add . . . We have heard some complaints from clients with the current lack of dual windows in Teams."

Teams has surpassed 75 million daily active users, Microsoft has said — a 70-percent increase from 44 million daily active users in mid-March.

But, separate window calls are not the only new, highly anticipated features for Teams. Here are the other high in-demand features for Teams that are currently being rolled out:

  • The expansion of visible participants from 4 to 9 started rolling out in April.
  • Capability for meeting organizers to end a meeting from the control bar instantly became available in April.
  • Virtual backgrounds for teams video calls are now generally available with user uploaded backgrounds starting in mid-may.
  • A "raise hand" visual cue that a participant wants to speak is planned to begin rolling out to users last week.

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