US companies alerted of potentialDeputy National Security Advisor for Cyber, Ann Neuberger alerted companies during a press briefing today that Russia may be planning cyberattacks against U.S. infrastructure and businesses as retaliation for the stiff sanctions placed on Russia for their actions in Ukraine. Neuberger has signaled for companies to prepare for potential attacks by listing a number of proactive steps to take in securing their networks including, updating/patching systems against known threats, backing up data, implementing multi-factor authentication if not already in place, and run practice drills. U.S. intelligence has picked up information that Russia may be preparing to stage cyberattacks but does not have knowledge of any specific targets or timeline. Earlier this month, The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) said any potential state sponsored cyberattacks can affect all business from large enterprises to small enterprises and home offices.