Ultimate Forms by Infowise is a SharePoint add-in that extends the functionality of SharePoint to improve SharePoint usability and enable a multitude of business processes. 

Infowise Ultimate Forms is a codeless solution that enables the typical business user to create sophisticated forms and solve business needs in SharePoint by supercharging SharePoint lists. Ultimate Forms is easy to learn and does not require any programming knowledge. 

Once installed as an app on your existing Microsoft 365 SharePoint site, Ultimate Forms becomes part of SharePoint, with the ability to design, automate, and customize any SharePoint or MS Teams list from within SharePoint via a single click. Ultimate Forms gives SharePoint and Teams lists the features they need to become fully-fledged, powerful business applications. 

Ultimate Forms is a “no-code” system. All its design elements, layouts and other features are easily configured using via drag and drop and short ‘Excel-like’ formulas. Features include:

  • Tabs and column permissions, wizard mode, custom input validation, attachments, data rules and view permissions.
  • Drill-down and drill-around features to related SharePoint and Teams Lists so you can access more data, faster. 
  • Automated Actions and workflows using a wide variety of advanced fully configurable rules and actions.  
  • Reports and data can be printed, converted to various formats, and emailed with just one click.
  • Robust notifications and alert capabilities including scheduled or on-trigger emails, reports, change advisories (in detail or summary), and more.
  • Automatic import of emails, text messages and database items into various data sources to generate or update list items or documents.
  • Easy-to-use configure lookups into external databases or web service-driven line-of-business applications.

Ultimate Forms can serve as a single source platform for implementing solutions on your existing SharePoint tenant.  It can be customized to address business processes from different departments, replacing dozens of separate unintegrated applications. And because Ultimate Forms lives within SharePoint, it can utilize your existing Active Directory users, groups and permissions.Infowise even provides dozens of free, pre-built application templates that any Ultimate Forms subscriber can use as is or customize to better fit their needs.  Available templates include Project Management, HR Recruitment, Help Desk, Expense Reimbursement, Employee On/Off Boarding, Asset Tracking, Room and Equipment Reservations, Leave Requests, and many more. Subscribers can use as many templates as they like for no additional charge. 

To understand the breadth of Ultimate Forms, here are a few examples of how it can be applied to different parts of day-to-day business operations.  

Accounting Example: 

Expense Report

In Ulimate Forms you can create an expense report that gets automatically routed for approval. 

  1. Your personal information, such as name, email, department, and manager name, are entered automatically from the Active Directory. 
  2. Different categories of expenses are color-coded for clarity.
  3. All totals are calculated automatically.
  4. Manager is notified automatically once a report is submitted.
  5. You can optionally fill out reports for other people in their name.

HR Example: 

Emergency Contact Information

Here is an example of an emergency contact form created in Ulimate Forms. Ultimate Forms is very flexible and easily configurable where the form above example can be modified to collect additional important health information such as allergies, medications, etc. 

Sales Example: 

Sales Quote

In this example a form has been created to generate a sales quote.

  • Products and categories – You can manage your own product categories and products to be used in the quotes. Creating a quote for a new product or category? Add them right when you need them, directly from the new quote. You don't need to stop in the middle and switch to a different list. When you select a category, the list of relevant products is filtered out automatically.
  • Customers and contacts – You can manage your customers and their contact persons for use within quotes, view quotes associated with each customer. New customers and contacts can be added right when you need them, without leaving the context of the quote. Only relevant contacts are shown for selection when you enter a customer.
  • Quotes and quote lines – You can create, manage, and print quotes. All totals are calculated automatically, including discounts. Quote lines are added directly from within the quotes. You don't even need to save the quote before you can add lines to it.
  • Print-outs - You can print or export the quote using a print template of your own design. Add your own details and logos, as well as any additional text. Print out the quote, save it as PDF or email it with a single click. You can even create multiple different print templates and choose the one you want for a particular print-out.

Please note that Ultimate Forms is not a replacement for high transaction volume line-of-business systems—e.g., ERP systems and vertical software systems. Rather it is best suited as a business platform used to increase the efficiency of day-to-day internal business operations. But Ultimate Forms is a single source productivity app that can reduce the number of and consolidate multiple apps into the Microsoft 365 SharePoint platform that you already own.  Ultimate Forms is also much easier to use than Microsoft PowerApps which requires a certain degree of programming knowledge. So, with Ultimate Forms you avoid the large consumption of time, resources, and aggravation you get from having to code and script. 

Why consider Infowise? Here’s a summary of the takeaways:

  • 100% No Code Solution developed in SharePoint
  • No programming skills required = saving time and money
  • Affordability – sustainable cost averaging $4.00 to $8.00 per user
  • User Friendly UIs – Easy to Navigate
  • Drag and Drop and Drilldown Menu Features
  • Ability to incorporate workflows, permissions, and rules, etc.
  • Intuitive - No steep learning curve
  • Easy Deployment
  • Built-in support for solution templates – build once and re-use
  • Mobile ready

To learn more about Infowise, register for an upcoming webinar and see for yourself the power of Infowise Ultimate Forms.