Voyager logoWe recently received the following email from a small company using Yardi Voyager:

"I cannot thank you enough for your help this evening.  You have proven that your services are much more valuable than we ever expected - when you guys told me your hourly rate, I thought 'no way can we afford that'! lol ....  We are small and we do all we can to keep costs down, as I'm sure you understand!!  HOWEVER, you helped our gals so much today that we want you!!! :)  I think what you do will save us time and money and definitely FRUSTRATION!! :)  If you guys will please send me whatever agreement you use, I will have it approved at my next Board Meeting.  We apprecaite what you did (and the valuable time you spent) helping today....  THANK YOU and we LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOU!!!! :) :)"