Yardi LogoWe hope that you are not still doing your CAM reconciliations on spreadsheets! For commercial users this is a time-consuming and error-prone process. We’ve seen companies lose significant amounts of money when reconciling manually, not to mention that manual CAM processing takes so much longer.

Using Yardi for reliable, consistent and timely CAM calculations assures that you recover all of the expenses that you’re entitled to and minimizes friction with tenants. Doing mid-year calculations for individual tenants when they move out increases the likelihood that you’ll collect from those tenants.

Voyager 6 has a completely new process for allocating and calculating CAM charges that handles most every lease type we've come across. It can be tedious to set up, but once done CAM calculations can be processed with the click of a button. Enterprise CAM allocations and calcuations are not as flexible as Voyager, but it will still handle the bulk of your CAMs without any trouble.