In October Yardi Systems launced Voyager version '7S' into wide release. With Voyager 7S, Yardi embarks into new territory with its offering of a shared cloud application. All patches, plug-ins and updates are now automatically applied.tablet 2

For those who are ASP hosted and are accustomed to keeping strict control of their database and apply updates as they see fit, Yardi has rebranded this offering as 'Saas Select' (Software as a service). Users of 7 Select will maintain their own instance of Voyager. Yardi's third option is 'Saas Private Cloud'. With Saas Private Cloud You can maintain your own instance of Voyager as well as host other critical business applicatons such as Microsoft Exchange. With version 7, Voyager is now browser agnostic. This means Voyager can be launced from IE, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. All variations of Version 7--Sass, Saas Select Saas Private Cloud-- can work from a PC, Mac or Tablet. Here is a brief glimpse at some of the new features avaiable in Version 7:

  • Leasing data and financial reports are now accesible via iPad, iPhone and Android tablets.
  • Improved workflows by creating your own reptitivive workflow tasks.
  • Easy to view transaction screens
  • Improved permission settings.
  • Unlimited access to the Yardi knowledgebase/Client Central.