This year Yardi applied new HUD regulations to the affordable module. These new features were first presented at Yardi's Spring conference in DC. New affordable provisions were annoucned in 2012, however, the incorporation of the new guidelines had been delayed due to the final review process being condutced by the Office of Management and Budget.Affordable Image

TRACS 202D driven changes are related to 50059 and HAP Vouchers. There was also an addtion of RAD (Rental Assistance Demonstration) for Sectiion-8. RAD allows Public Housing Agencies the option to manage their housing through 2 funding sources: 1) Section 8 Project Based Voucher or 2) Section 8 Project Based Rental Assistance. This alows tradtional public housing units to be converted to affordable. Other notable changes to affordable were new features to address tracking displacement for natural disasters and new fields for Data Universal Number System (DUNS).