YASC 2019 KeynoteKevin Yardi gives part of keynote address at the opening session of YASC in San Diego 

YASC (Yardi Advanced Solution Conference) celebrated its 20th anniversary last month in San Diego. Yardi kicked off the milestone event by showcasing developments in “Elevate” and how it is leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) or what Yardi has coined asset intelligence with the Voyager platform.YASC Black logo

“Elevate” is Yardi’s latest addition to Voyager that provides bench marking against all of Yardi’s data—i.e., turn over, per square foot, lease terms, etc. Using very large multiple sets of data—aka “big data”—from across several connected services within the Voyager platform, “Elevate” aggregates and analyzes these large swaths of data to reveal trends that are helpful in providing valuable information to key stakeholders and managers for forecasting, establishing predictive measures to ensure maximum efficacy of operational output, and consolidation of information into more concise yet comprehensive reporting.  Yardi presented its roadmap for the future with plans in the works for integrating smart technologies with Voyager. This includes technologies that enable owners, managers and tenants to control locks, thermostats, lighting, etc. from an app in smart phones and other smart devices.