yardi addresses small operator needs with breeze Yardi first introduced Breeze in 2018 offering a streamlined and easy to use cloud native platform--built from the ground up--for smaller operators managing 1,000 units or less in the residential and commercial sectors. Breeze provides easy setup, a simple intuitive interface, anytime/anywhere access, and straight forward competitive pricing for entities that run lean operations. In just three years Yardi Breeze has expanded its focus to affordable, self-storage, associations, manufactured housing communities and public housing. These latest modules are a part of the Yardi Breeze Premier line. Yardi has also added premium features to both residential and commercial. Some of the new premier features include expanded security options, correspondence, owner tools, batch processing, advanced G/L controls and more. To get a deeper look into Yardi Breeze visit: https://www.yardibreeze.com/.