Velixo is a tightly integrated robust Excel based financial report writer designed exclusively for Acumatica.

This is a recording of a Nims sponsored webinar presented by Velixo on December 9, 2020.

Velixo Reports adds a new toolbar to Excel with more than 60 functions specially designed to work with Acumatica General Ledger, Project data and Generic Inquiries for easy reporting in Excel. Some of the highlights of Velixo include flexible by period reporting and provisional reporting on un-posted transactions. Velixo provides a tight integration and leverages the unique capabilities of Acumatica with features such as Smart Drilldown, Smart Refresh, consolidation, writeback and advanced security (including Acumatica row-level security and restriction groups). Available since 2017 to Acumatica users worldwide, it has quickly become the top reporting add-on and has won multiple awards.


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