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death of flash
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The Death of Adobe Flash and the Threats Its Ghost Poses

Adobe Flash Player's death knell has tolled for four long years. In 2017, Adobe announced its End of Life (EOL) plans to terminate the multimedia software after 2020. January 12, 2021, has come and gone, taking Flash with it. However, its ghost still lingers…
acumatica 2021 r1
ERP News

Acumatica 2021 R1

Acumatica is scheduled to release the first of two biannual product releases toward the end of February. In 2021 R1 Acumatica continues to focus its pursuit on adding features to improve overall usability. Some of the new features in 2021 R1 include: • Mobile…
Gartner Poll Pie Chart
IT News

Remote Work Expected to Double in 2021

In a recent article Gartner presented several questions business leaders should chew on as the COVID-19 vaccines goes into distribution. One of the questions drives at what impact will the vaccine have on a return to the workplace. As the vaccine rolls out…
modem management
IT News

Illegal for ISPs to Charge You for the Router You Bought

Have you been hit with the predatory monthly fee from internet service providers that charges you for a modem or router you already own? If you have, good news! As of Sunday, December 20th, that fee will be illegal. While a law was passed last year that…
microsoft365 groups
IT News

Control Who Can Create Microsoft 365 Groups

By default, all users can create Microsoft 365 groups. This is the recommended approach to allow users to collaborate without needing assistance from IT. However, some companies require more strict permissions around who can create groups. You can restrict…
apple mac mini
IT News

How Cyberattacks Utilize COVID Fears

Amidst the global pandemic, cyberattackers are employing fear of COVID in social engineering tactics to strike you at home or in your business. With more people working at home and unfamiliar with the new business norms, these social engineering tactics are…
apple mac mini
IT News

Amazon Now Supports Virtualizing MacOS, iOS and More.

For years, AWS users have been asking to run macOS on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and now their prayers have been answered. As of Nov 30, AWS has launched a new Mac instance powered by a Mac mini hardware and the AWS Nitro System. Users can utilize…
microsoft support and recovery window
IT News

Microsoft's Support and Recovery Assistant: What You Need to Know.

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant is an invaluable tool for identifying and solving issues in Office, Microsoft 365, and Outlook. The program runs tests to determine what's wrong and then offers the best solutions for that identified problem,…
acumatica 2019 r2 logo
ERP News

Acumatica 2020 R2 is Now Available!

Today Acumatica officailly released its highly anticipated 2020 R2 version. Acumatica kicked the release off with a virtual event highlighting and demostrating new features to help the user experience and improve operational output.
microsoft yubico annoucement
IT News

Passwordless offering with Microsoft Azure AD and YubiKeys

With more businesses adopting technologies to keep users connected to critical business applications, cybersecurity is more important now than ever. Unfortunately, solutions that were good a few years ago do not protect against modern malware, phishing, or…
windows terminal alpha
IT News

Meet Microsoft's Modern-day Terminal

Last year, Microsoft announced Windows Terminal, its modern take on a command-line application for Windows 10. The project is open-source on GitHub has received lots of updates, culminating in their 1.0 release. Windows Terminal is a contemporary…
Microsoft Teams 9 windows
IT News

Microsoft Teams Adds Seperate Windows for Calls and More

Good news, Team's users! Microsoft announces that they are adding a long time wished for feature, enabling separate windows for meetings and calls in the collaboration app. The Teams app currently restricts users to using a single-window for video and audio…
2020 R1
ERP News

Acumatica 2020 R1 Available for Download

In case you were not aware, It's here! Acumatica 2020 R1 is now available for download. Acumatica has made enhancement to all its industry suites—i.e., manufacturing, distribution, e-Commerce, construction, etc. There has also been enhancement made to…
Sage Product Manager
ERP News

News from Meeting of the Minds

90 Minds held their 9th annual conference, “The Meeting of the Minds” in San Diego last week. The big news out 90 Minds is the announcement of what to expect in the upcoming release of Sage 100 2020 this Spring. Timothy Hartfield, Sage Product Marketing…
microsoft office app
IT News

Microsoft's Releases All-in-one Office Mobile App

A few months ago, Microsoft introduced its new mobile app called Office. This on-the-go app combines Word, Excel, and PowerPoint into a single app with additional capabilities that allow its users to create content and accomplish tasks unique to the mobile…
Payroll for 2020 R1
ERP News

Acumatica Introduces New Payroll Module at Summit 2020

Acumatica introduced its new payroll module at their annual summit last week in Las Vegas. The new payroll module replaces the legacy payroll module that was acquired last year from PC Bennet. Like its predecessor the new payroll module is developed on the…
keynote Ali
ERP News

More News from Acumatica Summit 2020 – Day 2 Keynote

Ali Jani- (Chief Product Officer) leads the keynote address and activities on the second day of Summit Day two at the annual Acumatica summit brought more news and exhibition of things to come in Acumatica and in the impending 2020 R1 release. Acumatica is…
keynote roskill
ERP News

News from Acumatica Summit 2020 - Opening Day Keynote

John Roskill, CEO of Acuamtica starts off oepning day keynote at Summit 2020 in Las Vegas There was lots of big news from Day 1 at Acumatica’s annual summit. Headlining the news was Acumatica’s introduction of their newly developed and integrated payroll…
YASC 2019 Keynote
Yardi News

News out of YASC

Kevin Yardi gives part of keynote address at the opening session of YASC in San Diego YASC (Yardi Advanced Solution Conference) celebrated its 20th anniversary last month in San Diego. Yardi kicked off the milestone event by showcasing developments in…
Yardi Bill Pay and Mastercard
Yardi News

Yardi Adds Virtual Credit Card Payments to Bill Pay

Yardi Voyager now has AP paperless vendor payments using Mastercard through its Bill Pay Service. Yardi teamed up with Mastercard in order to give distributors faster payments and reconciliation tools to ensure seamless electronic transactions for all…
acumatica 2019 r2 logo
ERP News

Acumatica 2019 R2 Official Release

Acumatica 2019 R2 announcement was made at last week’s roadshow in Boston and is now officially available for download to the entire install base. A pre-release was made available to customers last month for a test drive in a live environment. In this…
Acumatica R2 Beta
ERP News

Acumatica 2019 R2 Beta Now Available for Download

Acumatica 2019 R2 Beta is available for download along with the release notes. Acumatica has incorporated a number of user-friendly features as suggested by the end user community. The R2 Beta has streamlined workflows, simplified screens, involved artificial…
Shared Space
Yardi News

Yardi Introduces Workspace Sharing to Voyager

Yardi has developed and released a new module for co-working and shared space operators called Yardi Cube. This is Yardi’s latest addition to the Voyager product line that addresses the growing market space for shared workspace environment.
Sage 100c logo
ERP News

Sage 100 2019 is Available for Download

Sage has announced the release of version 2019 for Sage 100. Today’s release is the largest release in recent years and comes with 30 new feature enhancements
ERP News

Acumatica 2019 R1 has Arrived!

Acumatica version 2019 R1 is now available for download. In version 2019 R1 Acumatica has made major enhancements in their ongoing effort to provide the best user experience and introduces powerful new features to the its platform and modules. User…
Acuamtica Payroll
ERP News

Acumatica Brings Payroll Inhouse

Payroll for Acuamtica Cloud ERP developed by PCBennett Solutions has been acquired by Acumatica. Prior to the acquistion, PCBennet Payroll stood out as the leading choice for payroll among the Acumatica install base. Moving forward Acumatica will take on all…
Sage 500 Product Update Table
ERP News

Sage 500 Product Updates

Sage has announced product updates for Sage 500 ERP 2017 and 2018 is now available for download. Sage has announced product updates for Sage 500 ERP 2017 and 2018 is now available for download. The product updates include program fixes and 1099 specific…
Acumatica Year in Review
ERP News

Acumatica Year in Review

2018 was another huge year for Acumatica starting with its second consecutive CODiE award for best cloud ERP solution and brought in another for best manufacturing software. In 2018 Acumatica received very high marks for customer satisfaction from both…
Cisco Patch Alert
IT News

Cisco Releases Critical Patch to Fix Critical Patch

Last week Cisco released a Prime License Manager (PLM) critical patch to patch a patch they released in November to address a SQL vulnerability—release date of the latest patch 12/21/2018. Although the initial patch resolved the vulnerability, it created…
Windows Icon End of Life 2020
IT News

Windows 7 and Windows Sever 2008 End of Life – Where to Begin

As we soon approach 2019 it should be on everyone’s mind that Microsoft will be ending its support of PC’s running on Windows 7 and network infrastructure running on Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 in January 14, 2020. A year might seem a long way away from…
Sage Fixed Assets Logo
ERP News

Sage Fixed Assets 2019 - Coming Soon

In early 2019 be prepared for the new release of Sage Fixed Assets (version 2019.1). In effort to support past and future tax law changes, Sage has invested more into the upcoming release. You can expect increased efficiency in the ability to update assets…
Acumatica Ranking
ERP News

Acumatica Gets High Marks for Customer Satisfaction

So far it has been a great Summer for Acumatica. On the heels of garnering 2 CODiE Awards and landing $25 million in series C funding, Acumatica has received high marks in customer satisfaction from both G2Crowd and Gartner. First Acumatica was rated #1 in…
AwardCODiE2018 Acumatica 061318
ERP News

The month of June yields good news for Acumatica

Coming off its 2017 SIIA CODiE Award for Best Cloud ERP, Acumatica received the CODiE award for the second consecutive year in the same category. As icing on the cake Acumatica also received the award for Best Manufacturing Solution of 2018. The Software &…
Sage 100 Cloud 2018.2
ERP News

Sage 100 Cloud 2018.2 - Now Available

The latest update to Sage 100 Cloud 2018 is now available for download— Version 2018.2. Note this update also applies to existing Sage 100 users still on perpetual license, except were denoted. With version 2018.2 you can receive a central hub for all time…
Sage100cloud RGB
ERP News

New Name, Same Reliable Software

The product we have recently come to know as Sage 100c is now Sage 100 Cloud. With this new branding, marks a milestone in the products evolution.
Cloud ERP
ERP News

Moving to Cloud ERP - 10 Things to Consider

* Sourced from eWeek article June 20, 2017 Here are 10 things to consider if your company is considering ERP in the cloud. According to research conducted by Gartner, 47% of organizations/businesses plan to move their ERP to the cloud in the next 5 years.

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