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Half of Small Business Employees are Tricked By Scam Emails

A recent UK study found that nearly half of employees (42 percent) cannot spot a scam email. These findings come from the cyber security firm OpenText Solution which surveyed 2,000 employees from small businesses. This research underlines the key issue that…
yardi adds listings service to its commercial platform
Yardi News

Yardi Adds Listings Service to its Commercial Platform

Yardi recently acquired, a commercial real estate listing service. 42Floors is the latest addition to Yardi’s comprehensive commercial property research and marketing platform, Commercial Edge. The 42Floors website is a search engine that…
3g shutdown
IT News

3G Network Shutdowns Permantely Cutting Off Older Devices

In a recent statement by the FCC, mobile service providers will be shutting off their 3G networks as soon as January 2022 to focus on newer 5G networks. Once the shutoff occurs, any device that uses 3G will no longer use cellular data to connect to the…
Windows 11 Preview
IT News

Windows 11 Preview

As the projected Fall release of Windows 11 approaches Microsoft has begun to offer up some previews into what's new.
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IT News

The New Normal of Work and How Companies are Getting There

The old way of work wasn't the best, and you don't have to rewatch the Office for the 3rd since May to remember that. From time spent commuting, office environments biasing toward extroverted people, to abysmal floorplans with most people seated a mere 2 feet…
PowerPointLive Teams
IT News

Microsoft Introduces PowerPoint Live in Teams

Microsoft has gone to great lengths to improve their Teams app by adding new and improved features since businesses have moved to remote working one year ago. Microsoft's next step in developing a more robust videoconferencing service comes by adding…
aws logo
IT News

AWS Releases White paper on Architecting for HIPAA Security

This white paper from Amazon outlines how you can use Amazon Web Services (AWS) to run sensitive workloads regulated under the U.S. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). It focuses on the HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules for protecting…
windows10 updatescreen
IT News

Microsoft's Latest Fix for Windows 10 BSOD Bug

Microsoft Windows has begun releasing updates in hopes of fixing a bug that bluescreened computers when using specific printers. The first fix released on Monday, March 15th, resulted in users reporting in printers spitting out blank pages or with missing…
BSOD Windows10
IT News

Windows 10 March Update Brings Blue Screen Crash Issues

Following news on Microsoft Exchange server attacks, now Microsoft Windows' infamous Blue Screen of Death has made a resurgence when printing under certain conditions in recent March updates. After downloading last Tuesday's 03/09 KB500802 patch, you might…
yardi addresses small operator needs with breeze
Yardi News

Yardi Addresses Small Operator Needs with Breeze

Yardi first introduced Breeze in 2018 offering a streamlined and easy to use cloud native platform--built from the ground up--for smaller operators managing 1,000 units or less in the residential and commercial sectors. Breeze provides easy setup, a simple…
IT News

"Zoom Fatigue" and How it's Draining to Look at Yourself

Who knew the mental fatigue Narcissus of Greek mythological fame must have endured from gazing upon his own visage in that pool's reflection? Well, while Narcissus did it from a place of narcissism, some remote workers in virtual conferences are finding…
acumatica 2021 r1 new financial dashboards
ERP News

Acumatica 2021 R1 – New Financial Dashboards

Dashboards are one of the essential usability features in Acumatica. Dashboards give visibility and quick & easy access to important business information to employees across different roles in the organization—i.e., financial, sales, purchasing, operations,…
concerns over semi conductor shortage give rise to executive order
IT News

Concerns over semi-conductor shortage give rise to executive order

At the urging of the tech lobby President Biden signed an executive order to address the growing chip shortage as technology giants Apple, Sony and others raised concerns over recent shortages. The shortages in components threaten to slow down production of…
acumatica 2021 r1 highlight new widgets to dashboards
ERP News

Acumatica 2021 R1 Highlight – New Widgets to Dashboards

Acumatica has now released its first of two bi-annual releases. One of the new usability enhancements in 2021 R1 are new visual tiles to dashboards. The additional tiles are meant to increase the sharing of important business intelligence across an…
voyager 7s tax and insurance function
Yardi News

Voyager 7S Tax and Insurance Function

If you were not aware Yardi has a native tax and insurance module available for Voyager 7S Commercial Suite. Voyager Tax and Insurance automates the process of tracking and reporting tax parcels and insurance policies. The module provides the flexibility to…
acumatica cloud erp 2021 r1 beta
ERP News

Acumatica Cloud ERP 2021 R1 Beta Now Available

Acumatica has released its beta version of Acumatica 2021 R1 for customers who want to preview new features and provide feedback. This preview release contains a subset of new features that will be available in 2021 R1. The beta download is available on the…
death of flash
IT News

The Death of Adobe Flash and the Threats Its Ghost Poses

Adobe Flash Player's death knell has tolled for four long years. In 2017, Adobe announced its End of Life (EOL) plans to terminate the multimedia software after 2020. January 12, 2021, has come and gone, taking Flash with it. However, its ghost still lingers…
acumatica 2021 r1
ERP News

Acumatica 2021 R1

Acumatica is scheduled to release the first of two biannual product releases toward the end of February. In 2021 R1 Acumatica continues to focus its pursuit on adding features to improve overall usability. Some of the new features in 2021 R1 include: • Mobile…
Gartner Poll Pie Chart
IT News

Remote Work Expected to Double in 2021

In a recent article Gartner presented several questions business leaders should chew on as the COVID-19 vaccines goes into distribution. One of the questions drives at what impact will the vaccine have on a return to the workplace. As the vaccine rolls out…
modem management
IT News

Illegal for ISPs to Charge You for the Router You Bought

Have you been hit with the predatory monthly fee from internet service providers that charges you for a modem or router you already own? If you have, good news! As of Sunday, December 20th, that fee will be illegal. While a law was passed last year that…
microsoft365 groups
IT News

Control Who Can Create Microsoft 365 Groups

By default, all users can create Microsoft 365 groups. This is the recommended approach to allow users to collaborate without needing assistance from IT. However, some companies require more strict permissions around who can create groups. You can restrict…
apple mac mini
IT News

How Cyberattacks Utilize COVID Fears

Amidst the global pandemic, cyberattackers are employing fear of COVID in social engineering tactics to strike you at home or in your business. With more people working at home and unfamiliar with the new business norms, these social engineering tactics are…
apple mac mini
IT News

Amazon Now Supports Virtualizing MacOS, iOS and More.

For years, AWS users have been asking to run macOS on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), and now their prayers have been answered. As of Nov 30, AWS has launched a new Mac instance powered by a Mac mini hardware and the AWS Nitro System. Users can utilize…
microsoft support and recovery window
IT News

Microsoft's Support and Recovery Assistant: What You Need to Know.

The Microsoft Support and Recovery Assistant is an invaluable tool for identifying and solving issues in Office, Microsoft 365, and Outlook. The program runs tests to determine what's wrong and then offers the best solutions for that identified problem,…
acumatica 2019 r2 logo
ERP News

Acumatica 2020 R2 is Now Available!

Today Acumatica officailly released its highly anticipated 2020 R2 version. Acumatica kicked the release off with a virtual event highlighting and demostrating new features to help the user experience and improve operational output.
microsoft yubico annoucement
IT News

Passwordless offering with Microsoft Azure AD and YubiKeys

With more businesses adopting technologies to keep users connected to critical business applications, cybersecurity is more important now than ever. Unfortunately, solutions that were good a few years ago do not protect against modern malware, phishing, or…
windows terminal alpha
IT News

Meet Microsoft's Modern-day Terminal

Last year, Microsoft announced Windows Terminal, its modern take on a command-line application for Windows 10. The project is open-source on GitHub has received lots of updates, culminating in their 1.0 release. Windows Terminal is a contemporary…

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