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Choose the Sage 100cloud solution that fits your needs.

Sage 100cloud Essentials

Sage 100cloud Essentials includes all the powerful cloud features you need to start growing your business.

  • GL, AP, AR Bank Reconciliation
  • Business Insights and Sage Intelligence
  • Paperless office and Credit Card Processing
  • Visual Integrator and Custom Office
  • Sage CRM and Sage Contact
  • Sage Budgeting & Planning
Sage 100cloud Advanced

Sage 100cloud Advanced is for more complex businesses and accommodates purchase orders, sales orders, and inventory management.

  • All the features of Sage 100cloud Essentials
  • Purchase Order and Sales Order
  • Inventory Management
  • DSD/ScanForce Multi-Bin Basic
Sage 100cloud Complete

Sage 100cloud Complete is your comprehensive solution.

  • All the features of Sage 100cloud Advanced
  • Return Merchandise Authorization
  • Bill of Materials
  • Mobility for Barcode
Sage 100cloud for Distribution

Perfect for distribution businesses. Expands on the Sage 100cloud Advanced bundle with the following features and more:

  • All of the features of Sage 100cloud Complete
  • Bill of Materials
  • Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Multi-Bin
  • Return Merchandise Authroization
  • One Year of Save Support PLUS
Sage 100cloud for Manufacturing

Perfect for manufacturing businesses. Expands on the Sage 100cloud Complete bundle with the following features and more:

  • All of the features of Sage 100cloud Complete
  • Exclusive alerts powered by Sage Alerts & Workflow
  • Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Sage Production Management
  • Shop Floor for Sage Production Management
  • One Year of Save Support PLUS
Sage 100cloud add-ons

Our suite of powerful, yet intuitive, add-ons will help you get more from your Sage solutions and manage a more efficient business.

  • Sage Inventory Advisor
  • Sage 100cloud Payroll
  • Sage CRM
  • Sage Intelligence
  • Sage Operations Management
  • Sage Alerts and Workflow


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24x7 Monitoring Services from Nims & Associates

24x7 Monitoring Services lets Nims & Associates stay close to your network so that we can catch and resolve issues before they become business interrupting catastrophes, often before your users are aware of any problems. When a critical alert is generated, we will send a notification to you, your consultants, our service desk, and begin work to resolve the problem ASAP.

Nims & Associates 24x7 monitoring service plans are designed to scale to your business technology needs based on the complexity of your network and size of operation, as well as intended to save time & resources, and keep costs under control.

For a PDF of Nims & Associates 24x7 Monitoring Services Data Sheet, click below

Data Sheet PDF

Choose from Essential, Professional, and Fully Managed monitoring services.

You can mix and match services on your systems as needed. Best of all, you can purchase discounted support hours to save on any out-of-scope support time needed for your monitored devices.

Features by Plan

Monitoring FeaturesEssentialProfessionalFully Managed
4 Hour Monitoring Intervals
5 Minute Monitoring Intervals
Availability, CPU Utilization,
Memory Usage, Disk Usage
Critical OS Operations
Application Processes
Web Services
Window Patching Status
(includes critical patch installation)
Critical OS Patch Management
(Includes critical patch installation)
Full OS Patch Management
(Includes all patch Installation)
Windows Secutiy Advisor & Anti-virus
Remote Desktop
Direct Support (Screen Sharing)
Full Device Management
Applications Management Option
Hypervisor Monitoring Option
SQL Server Monitoring Option
8x5 8 Hour Response
24x7 4 Hour Response
Onsite Response

Quoted seperately and available for an additional fee exclusively on the Fully Managed Plan.

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