Acumatica & Sage ERP Solutions

Nims & Associates recommends, implements, and supports the best in small and medium business cloud and on-premise ERP software.

Connected Business. Delivered.

A future-proof cloud platform, best in class business functionality, and industry specific solutions make Acumatica the most powerful and adaptable business management solution for growing small and midmarket organizations.

Trusted accounting software for small and medium business

Built for small and medium business, Sage 100 is cloud-connected, allowing you to maintain control of your system while still leveraging the fundamental benefits of the cloud.

Business management software for the enterprise

Extend the life and maximize the operational efficiency of your Sage 500 ERP across every aspect of your business with support and enhancements from Nims & Associates.

Our Success

The success of our ERP practice is due to the experience, skills, and enthusiasm we bring to helping our clients get the most from their business software.

Financials, Accounting, & Business Intelligence

We can provide the right tools and training to improve your core business accounting and reporting.

Wholesale & Distribution

We are experts in automating processes to reduce errors in purchasing, order fulfillment, inventory tracking, and customer support.

Manufacturing & Construction

We've implemented complete, multi-job cost solutions for construction and discrete and process manufacturing shop floor control.


We can integrate your ERP with your other applications to improve accuracy and effeciency. Custom reporting is one of our specialties.

Our Services

We help you select, implement, maintain, and expand your ERP, because your business does not stand still.

Selection & Implementation

We have the experience you need to choose the best ERP solution for your business and to lead your team through the implementation process.

Maintenance & Support

Patches, upgrades, security audits, and help desk support are just a few of the tools we use to keep your system in top condition.

Custom Reports & Interfaces

We write custom reports, data integrations, and application interfaces to accomplish what your ERP cannot out of the box.

On-going Support

Our clients call us when their questions are about "How" and when their questions are about "What's the best way".


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Our Experience

Our more than thirty years of working with ERP software is why we are the experts you want on your side.

We work to understand your needs, and then recommend which ERP solution you should use. We configure the software so it works for you; not the other way around.

We can train your trainers or train your users.  Either way, we'll make sure your staff takes ownership and gets the most from your system.

We maintain long-term relationships so that when your needs change we can help you adapt and grow.

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