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Nims & Associates has been programming since the beginning.  We've written databases, web sites, application interfaces, custom reports, and more.

Our History

We've been writing custom programs and reports since 1985. Tell us what you need. We know how to get it done.

ERP Enhancements

We can customize your Acumatica, Sage, or Yardi ERP to do the things you need, that can't be done out of the box.

Custom Reports

You can save your staff 100s of hours a year by having us write a custom report for your Acumatica, Sage, or Yardi ERP.

Application Interfaces

Do you have applications that won't talk to each other? We've integrated everything from accounting to payroll to time clocks to web apps.

Web Applications

It's past time to move your custom in-house app to the web. You'll improve user access and functionality by moving to a modern development platform.

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